Mission, Vision and Values

The Burnaby community is about connecting people. The services provided are offered to support and bolster the community. These services are extended to help the community as a whole.

Our Mission Statement

Connecting individuals within and surround the community that we live.

Our Vision

Our vision for the community is to support our population in its entirety by providing services that cater to our children, families and the elderly.

Our Core Values

Our core values are based upon: empathy, responsibility, modernization, and advancement.


Burnaby Info strives to live every day by its core values. To present its vision through thoughtful, purpose filled action in order to improve the lives of our staff and our community members.

As an organization we look to improve the lives of others in a few ways by:

  • Facilitating opportunity and access
  • Enabling people, corporations, groups (churches, social groups etc.) to better connect on a societal level
  • Aiding in group and community derived projects involving multifaceted problems

Undertaking these objectives is part of our overall purpose. We feel that the positive effect we create within our own organization passes on to those we interact with every day.

We recognize that helping others through effective social programs is what makes the city of Burnaby so great.