Strategic Development and Growth

The strategic development and growth platform designed and implemented by Burnaby Info is built around the continually expanding population. 2016 census data will be available soon; however, we can expect continual growth again, just like we did comparing the 2006 to the 2011 census for Burnaby. Looking back, the population went from 202,799 to 223,218, over a 10% increase in the census subdivision. Being flexible and adapting to the expected growth is how we continually meet and exceed our community’s needs and expectations.

Path for Growth

To be a leader and provide positive social and environmental support for all deserving members of our city. We strive to listen and take feedback. Listening to the feedback helps reinforce the path we’re on and additionally make adjustments if they’re required.

Strategic Objectives

  • Program Design and Execution
  • Marketing and PR Development
  • Volunteer Development
  • Oversight and Procedural Development

Program Design and Execution

Programs are design based on past programming and future needs of the community. Meetings are held and all voices are given the opportunity to speak in order for us to create the most effective programs for our residents. Execution of the program comes down to our dedicated staff along with our tremendous volunteers. Many community members continually donate their time, resources and support to help ensure our vision becomes a reality.

Marketing and PR Development

Marketing and public relations involve getting our name out to the public. We want them to understand our position in the market, the value that we offer, and we want them to join in and take action.

Many people aren’t actually aware a group like Burnaby Info exists. This is the ongoing job of marketing. Two mediums we utilize are community newspapers and online. Part of our target audience is seniors, the community newspapers and periodicals are a primary source of their daily information exposure, so we’ve teamed up with a number of people to help get our message out to them.

Since we also want to reach families and youth, we strongly support and choose to utilize the internet to reach them. Social media, our website, and our other governmental services in Burnaby all help to steer traffic to our page so we can educate our citizens and provide support where we can.

Clear and concise communication is what we strive to use in order to maximize our exposure and increase retention and action.

Volunteer Development

Much of our support comes from those without our community. Building our network through marketing, PR and community outreach will continue to help our effort and all more people to put forth their time and effort.

Oversight and Procedural Development

The Burnaby Info organization has a board of directors. Its goal is to provide stewardship, directing our metaphorical ship to clear, open waters. Our board is continually available through meetings and communication mediums in order to help maintain the growth and direction we have laid out in our mission statement.

Procedural development is an area where we are paying particular attention. This area will allow our volunteers and our temporary staff to join our organization, quickly and effectively learn exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it, in the most effective and efficient time allotted. This will help maximize our resources, providing less unnecessary expenditure through additional training time, freeing up more resources to be put back into our developed programs.